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I have something really important to tell you: Santa Claus never writes letters. It’s just a fact. We all write letters to Santa before Christmas, to tell him about our most wished presents and maybe about our dreams. Some of us, the happiest, have got a reply. But don’t be so proud of it, because I’m sure, that this weren’t personalized letters from Santa. Have you ever compared your letter from Santa to other letters from him? They all look almost the same, or they look very familiar. That’s because he has not personally written them. In the Christmas factory on the North Pole are working many elfs, which help Santa Claus to manage everything before the holidays.


The make almost all gifts, and Santa Claus himself creates only ideas for this gifts. They watch all children during the year, to see if they were polite, but only Santa can decide, whether the child would get a present or not. And the same situation is with the letters. Santa is just an old man; he cannot read on his own all the received letters and then write replies, personalized letters from Santa. His elfs are helping him to do this. But to be honest, they are not very clever, that’s why the use clichés, not to make a mistake in the letter. But the fact, that Santa Claus doesn’t write personalized letters to us, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love us. We, children, are very important for him, but he have decided, that it’s significant to give present to children, than to write letters for them.